ACG Systems

Enterprise Information Assurance Program Manager (eIAPM)

 ACG's eIAPM defines the enterprise Information  Assurance (IA) program, facilitates the execution of the program and produces  metrics-based score cards for all enterprise locations. 


  • Provides an IA policy reference library
  • Defines the enterprise information assurance program
    (i.e., business processes, roles and responsibilities, metrics, etc.) and provides supporting references and templates.
  • Provides the following registries for each enterprise location:
    • IT User Annual IA Refresher Training
    • IT assets and the security status of each
    • Information systems residing on local IT assets and the security status of each
    • Websites residing on local IT assets and the security status of each
    • IA Managers (IAMs) and IA Technicians (IATs) certification status
    • Information Assurance Vulnerability Management (IAVM) compliance
    • Information Operation Condition (INFOCON) compliance
    • Information Technology Security Incident Reporting
  • Enacted automated notifications (i.e., noncompliance date is near, noncompliance,  incident reports, etc.)
  • Delivers metrics-based score cards of the agency or by location or by business process
  • Facilitates annual Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) reporting/data gathering
  • Delivers tailored IA training.

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Spectra Logic Products


  • Data Integrity Verification
  • LTO-5 Tape Drives
  • Active Archive
  • Media Lifecycle Management
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Encryption
  • Hardware Health Monitoring
  • Remote Camera Monitoring
  • TranScale Architecture
  • Self Maintenance
  • SpectraGuard Support
  • BlueScale Environment
  • Management Tools
  • Shared Library Services (SLS)

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