Homeland Security/National Defense

Intelligence is an ACG core discipline. ACG assists in homeland security/national defense initiatives in the following areas (and not limited to):

  • Homeland Security/National DefenseCollection Management
  • Geospatial Intelligence
  • Full Motion Video Analysis
  • All Source Intelligence
  • Signals Intelligence
  • Language Services/Interpreter Support

Information Assurance/Cybersecurity

ACG assists IA/Cybersecurity Managers in the following areas  to ensure compliance with federal  laws/policy (and not limited to):

Information Assurance/Cybersecurity
  • IA Program assessment IA policy  interpretation
  • IA Program development and execution
  • IA/Cybersecurity Training
  • Coordination across the enterprise insuring that all information and information technology is protected in accordance with federal law

Network Management/Support

ACG provides network management/support in the following areas (and not limited to):

  • Operational assessment
  • Operational oversight/management
  • Network Management/Support
  • Network operational management
  • Coordination across the enterprise insuring that the information technology infrastructure meets the enterprise needs and is compliant with federal laws and departmental policy

Program/Project Management

ACG assists program/project managers in the following areas (and not limited to ):

Program/Project Management
  • Program/project definition and initiation
  • Program/project planning
  • Program/project execution
  • Program/project closeout
  • Coordination within the enterprise ensuring that the program/project is completed on time, within allocated resources and achieves the program/project owner's intent/goals

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

ACG provides support services including (and not limited to):

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • ECM public law interpretation, policy development and training to ensure compliance with public law/policy
  • ECM Program assessment
  • ECM Program development/maintenance and execution
  • Coordination within the enterprise insuring that all content is stored, accessible and used in accordance with information security laws  and enterprise policy

Language Translation/Interpretation

ACG provides language translation/interpretation support services including (and not limited to):

Language Translation/Interpretation
  • Translation Services
  • Interpretation Services
  • Comprehensive Linguistic and Intelligence Analysis Support Services

IT Portfolio Management

    IT Portfolio Management

ACG assists information technology investment portfolio managers in the following areas (and not limited to):

  • Public law interpretation, policy development and training to ensure compliance with public law/policy
  • Program assessment/ development/maintenance and execution
  • Training/coordination (i.e., across the enterprise, within business lines, etc.) to ensure the highest possible return on investment

Business System (BS) Development

ACG assists Business System owners in the following areas ( and not limited to):

  • Business System (BS) DevelopmentLifecycle Management interpretation, policy development  and training
  • BS project management and execution
  • BS project staff augmentation
  • BS utilization training/coordination (i.e., ensuring that BSs are developed, maintained and operated in accordance with information system and information security laws and enterprise policy)

Environmental Clean Up/Restoration

ACG provides comprehensive Occupational Safety/ Health services and solutions in the following areas (and not limited to):

Environmental Clean Up/Restoration
  • OSHA Program/Business
  • Process Assessments
  • OSHA Compliance assistance and training
  • On-site safety and health
  • assessment/audit
  • Client representation for OSHA Hearings
  • Tailored programs to comply with OSHA Regulations